This ministry is named after the late Roxanne Caputo.  

She was in recovery, and she had a strong passion for helping other women.  

We saw her precious heart.  

She lost her battle with cancer, but she left behind a living memory.  

She is a warm and generous woman. 

She is loved and missed by her family and friends.        

The Roxanne Mission


Hello.  My name is Michele Williams.  Several years ago God put it on my heart to help women in distress.  I prayed about this for a long time, and others joined me in this prayer.  In 2013, Stephen Boyarsky (Stevie B.) founded the JC's Recovery & Counseling Center in Hollywood, Florida.  At first, this organization was only for men.  But in 2014 JC's opened up a unit for women.  I have been blessed to be their "house mom" since the very beginning.  It is an awesome experience to be a part of the positive turnaround in their lives.     

But sometimes it can also be hard.  These women are starting their lives all over, and most times they are doing so after a series of terrible devastations.  In many cases, they are also starting over alone, being alienated from their families and friends.  There is restoring hope, though, and most do rebuild their lives.    

One of the biggest hurdles they have in this process has to do with finances, and that is why my supporters and I have joined with Ephesians 4:28 Ministries to establish The Roxanne Mission.   

When one of the women is unable to pay her rent, we want to be able to draw from the scholarship fund set aside for this purpose and help her. And there are other needs as well, needs that too many people take for granted...things like toiletries, clothing, women's hygiene products, bus passes, et cetera.  But we cannot do this alone; we need help.   

If God puts it on your heart to help us in this ministry, you can go to the Donations page and provide your assistance.  We will be so grateful.  Ephesians 4:28 Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donations are tax deductible.    

Thank you, 




Roxanne was a loving person, always smiling, and liking to please others; she had lots of friends 

and was very beautiful.

As a young “teen ager” she got involved in drugs.  Her father (Réal) and I were not reborn Christians at the time and this was very hard on us. We did not know how to manage that situation on our own and we had no church family to turn to for help.

For many years, Roxanne’s journey was not an easy one: until the day she found hope and help through different recovery places. She found peace and assurance in God’s love for her, and she accepted the Lord in her life. Then, not long afterward, after years of efforts to stay clean, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her hope to start living a normal life just fell apart.

During her fifteen years of illness, filled with lots of treatments, hospital stays, and many ups and downs, the Lord put it in her heart to help other people with drugs and alcohol addiction. She became a living testimony, and people gave their lives to the Lord and came out of their addictions.

It was her passion to help these people in need, which kept her alive throughout the years of her illness. Then, three years ago, at the age of 49, the Lord called her Home. 

But Roxanne left such a great legacy behind; she did what she had to do, despite her health condition. As the scripture says, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.”  

Rejoice in all circumstances!

Marguerite Huet,

Roxane’s Mother